Montagu Arms

This beautiful hotel with its Michelin Star restaurant headed up by Chef Matthew Tomkinson is a must stop for anyone travelling through the New Forest.

Set in the lovely village of Beaulieu, as you drive through beware of livestock walking the streets or hanging out by the post office. When I was there recently there must have been a dozen donkeys in the high street!

Chef Matthew is a former Roux Scholar. You can read more about him here

Matthew loves fresh truffles and no more so than winter black truffles – tuber melanosporum AKA Perigord Truffles, Black Diamonds. These gorgeous truffles are available from November to March from Europe and then again from June to August from Western Australia and Tasmania.

Here’s a great photo of Matthew and I talking truffles in the grounds of the hotel. You can view the Montagu Arms here

Montagu Arms 2015


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