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Best of both worlds? Truffles in a deli product Best of both worlds? Truffles in a deli product

Truffles and Fine Food

Sybaritic Ltd was established in 2010 by owner James Painter. The company is a specialised truffle merchant and fine food supplier. We supply fine dining restaurants, gastro pubs, tv cooking shows, retail outlets and retail products online. Products are sourced from a variety of countries with a strong emphasis on Italian produce.

We supply high quality products that have been tasted and tested by James. This means that we use a variety of suppliers to ensure we get the best from each of them.

Sybaritic Ltd has partnerships with other wholesalers and retailers throughout the UK, supplying them with the best products and fresh truffles available.

In 2012 Sybaritic Ltd appointed a USA distributor. If you would like to retail our products here in the UK or overseas then please contact us.

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