Order Process

The General Order Process is as follows:

  1. Browse the website
  2. Select your chosen product and add it to the shopping cart
  3. Proceed to check out
    The system will now check to see if all products can be delivered to your geography. If the products can be shipped or not is determined by the postcode and the product shipping method. For example a deli product can be shipped to the UK Highlands and Islands in 2 to 3 working days after the placing of an order. Fresh products such as truffles or temperature controlled products such as caviar would spoil in this time frame and therefore can not be sent to the UK Highlands and Islands. The shopping cart system will refuse to place an order for such combinations.
  4. To continue to make a purchase you will need to delete certain items from the cart.
  5. If the contents of the cart are acceptable to the system, you will need to continue the check out process and select your preferred delivery option.
  6. After your cart content and delivery option has been accepted then you will be able to proceed with payment.
  7. After payment has been completed your order is fully accepted and shipping arrangements will be made.
  8. You will be notified of despatch

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