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Buy Alba White Truffles Online


Buy White Alba Truffles online.


Buy White Truffles online – tuber magnatum pico

Buy Alba truffles online from late September until early January. Perceived by some to be the most prized truffle. They certainly demand a high price! They are hunted high in mountain forests by the truffle hunter and his dog. A good truffle hunting dog can smell a white truffle up to 75cm below the soil. The process to retrieve on truffle takes time and love. Sometime 20 minutes of digging carefully to get to the truffle. You begin to understand why the price is so high.

The good news for this season is that quality is excellent and prices are very low, Now is a great time to buy.

Clean before use with a soft toothbrush under cold water. Dry with a paper towel and allow to warm to room temperature before using, just as you would with a cheese to maximise the flavour.

For storage tips take a look at my Blog page.


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