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Imperial Osietra Caviar


Imperial Osietra Caviar

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You can now buy Imperial Osietra caviar online. Also known as Imperial Ossetra caviar or Imperial Oscietra caviar. It is one of the highest grades of sturgeon caviar you can buy online or anywhere else.The traditional Russian method “malossol” is used to produce this imperial osietra caviar. This imperial oscietra caviar is appreciated by the most demanding connoisseurs. The imperial osietra caviar has been selected accurately by hand. It involves all the senses with perfect identical crisp grains, with an intense golden brown colour and lasting taste of refined delight.

Our caviar complies to CITES standards.
Available in 50g and 12g tins.

There are delivery restrictions with this product due to the temperature control requirements. We ship for next day delivery only. Please do contact us should you wish to make any special arrangements.

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12g, 50g


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