Restaurant Grade White Truffle Oil in a Can


Restaurant Grade White Truffle Oil Made in Italy – Gluten Free


Product Description

Restaurant Grade White Truffle Oil Made in Italy – Gluten Free

This gluten free white truffle oil from Italy has been designed specifically for us by a company in the Umbrian Mountains. The oil used is very high quality extra virgin olive oil. This oil is used in some of the UK’s finest restaurants.

Because this oil is restaurant grade it needs to be used sparingly. Just a few drops drizzled onto a dish prior to serving will provide a wonderful flavour of white truffles.

Transform virtually any dish into a masterpiece. Add a few drops to mash potato, or 50/50 with extra virgin olive oil for a knock out dressing, add a little to any egg or pasta dish or try with mushrooms on toast or drizzle over pizza just before serving.

Gluten Free, Lactose Free (Milk), No Eggs, No Sulfites, No Celery, No fish, No peanuts, No allergens

Additional Information

Can Size

1000ml, 250ml


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